Russell West: Technicolour & Grayscale




At the end of March I saw the preview for Russell West’s solo exhibition at the Woolf gallery on Charlotte Street. It’s taken until now for the styling project to come together and be posted on the blog – I hope you enjoy it!

The show has now officially ended but if you get the chance West’s work is definitely worth seeing in person. His sculptural, tactile pieces have a sweet-shop indulgence about them – intricate metal folds draped in swathes of dripping technicolour paint.

Colour isolated photos and monochrome outfits with neon accents were my inspiration behind this scheme.

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Style Project #5: Clashing and Characterful, ‘Forest Fruits’

This Jose Manuel artwork will soon be in the deLaunay gallery (coming soon).  Abstract works often conjure up images of bachelor pad minimalism, hard lines and sharp edges. I recently discovered Gianni Versace’s Manhattan home – a stunning and completely individual space that couldn’t dispel these preconceptions more. In one room a bold Basquiat sits behind a collection of colourful Venetian vases and an 18th century inspired hallway frames a pop art Lichenstein centrepiece. I came away inspired to style an interior around this Manuel that was as eclectic, inviting and characterful.

The result is one of my favourite schemes yet, not least because I’ve discovered Emily’s (A Minds Eye) hand-printed cushions.

Between Art & Interiors:

Emily on starting A Minds Eye...

I decided to start a small interiors brand A Minds Eye – which refers to the human ability for visualization – after co owning a print studio for a couple of years. I gained a wealth of screen print experience and decided to use this as a creative outlet while raising my two kids. I have always been drawn to interiors, maybe more so than fashion to some extent although they tend to follow each other. I had worked as a freelance designer for over a decade so my ability to work independently lent itself well to my restricted hours.

My designs are ever evolving, using the screen print techniques but with a naivity and with less restrictions. I tend to keep my designs clean and contemporary, but as each is hand printed, no two are the same. The beauty is found in the fabric, the ink and its application.

At the moment, I’m keen on the neons placed with neutrals – a nod to the brights found in fashion this Spring. I have sketches by Lucas Samaras and Ellsworth Kelly pinned to my mood board and on my blog. Textural, natural, graphic images always catch my eye and I collect these for future pieces. I would love to work on a larger scale, cushions and fabrics initially but I ‘m also keen to try out the qualities achieved by printing digitally.

See more of Emily’s designs here.